5 Amazing Places to Dine in New York City


If you love to travel and stay in expensive hotels, you know that what you taste is just as important as what you see. Don’t wind up in some hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a tasteless meal. Here are 5 great places to grab a bite in NYC.

#1 Juni, New York City

Run by Australian-born chef Shaun Hergatt. This restaurant may not be well-known for its décor or its semi-boring location on 31st street in what most would say is a mere hotel lobby, but the food is magnificent. Shaun Hergatt’s food is no doubt comparable to some of the most regarded chefs in New York City. He never fails to satisfy in texture, flavor, temperature, and presentation of his dishes. Fun, creative, and tasteful- you simply can’t go wrong when choosing to dine at Juni.

#2 Ippudo, New York, NY

Located at East Village in Manhattan (also a location on the West Side.) This restaurant is one of Japan’s bet-known ramen chains. The wait for a seat can often take up to two or more hours (longer in the winter months), but the quality of the food is well worth it. Besides, you can plant yourself at the bar a good while to make the wait a little more bearable. Some of the more popular dishes at this establishment are the Shiromaru Hakata Classic (soup noodles topped with pork loin chashu) and the Tonkotsu (pork, sesame kikurage mushrooms, fermented bamboo shoots, red pickled ginger, and scallions.) Although some say the limited-time-only specials are often to go-to dishes.

They say there’s a secret to avoiding the long wait at Ippudo, and that is to go alone. It’s likely the wait will only be about 15 or so minutes when you choose to dine by yourself.

#3 Carbone, N.Y.

If you’re in the mood for some truly great Italian-American cuisine, Carbone is the way to go. The menu is grand, with many flavorful options to choose from. The décor and atmosphere is intriguing for any individual walking into this establishment, with tile floors from “The Godfather” and servers acing as “captains.”

Carbone is one of New York’s best Italian restaurants serving exquisite dishes like the spaghetti puttanesca, the lobster fra diavolo, and the best rigatoni vodka you’ll ever taste. It is a little pricey, but the experience, the atmosphere, and the food are so beyond worth it.

#4 Babbo, New York

Everything about Babbo is amazing. Especially the pasta! Oh, the pasta is unforgettable. Mario Batali is nearly a gift from above for creating such amazing Italian dishes. Not to mention his main goal to keep the establishment and the food as close to Italy as possible, with most of his ingredients imported from Italy itself.

Getting a table at this fine establishment is a little difficult, but it can be done. If you do, arrive hungry and ready to eat because the 7 course pasta menu will leave you in a food coma. There’s a wide array of dishes to choose from at Babbo. Many say the mint love letters with spicy lamb sausage is an absolute must have.

#5 Denino’s

If you’re eating on a budget, grabbing a pie at Denino’s is a great option for you. You can grub on a large pizza for around $15. Denino’s has been impressing people with their pizza in New York since 1937. Most well-known for their deliciously thick crust and backed by its reputation for providing some of the best pizza in Staten Island for nearly 70 years.

One of their more popular dishes is what many call the “Garbage Pie” (a small jeer at the Island’s landfill history) which is piled with sausage, mushrooms, meatballs, onion and pepperoni.

Cheap Hotels Vs Expensive Hotels


When you are planning a vacation, the place where you stay will usually be one of the first things that you decide on. You may have a particular hotel in mind, or you may want to shop around to find a hotel that has everything that you need. The budget that you have for your trip will have a large part to play in how much you will be able to pay for your accommodation, but there are advantages of staying in both cheap and expensive hotels.

Cheap Hotels

If you only need to use your hotel room as somewhere to sleep, then it will make sense to choose a basic room that may not cost you as much. There may not be much more than a bed and somewhere to keep your clothes, but if you are not spending too much time in your room then this may not be an issue. If you are able to leave booking your hotel room until near the time you are due to travel, then you may benefit from even cheaper rates. You may also be able to select options such as choosing a room without a view, or one that is on a higher floor in order to make the price of the room cheaper.

Expensive Hotels

If you are planning a trip for a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, then you may choose to go for a more expensive hotel room. Generally speaking, hotels in city locations or by beaches may also be more expensive. Rooms that cost more will usually come with more features, and there may be amenities in the hotel itself that you will be able to use. Even if you are prepared to pay a little extra for your hotel room, there is still no harm in trying to get the best value for money that you can. If you are celebrating a special occasion, then let the hotel know when you are making the booking as they may throw in some extras at no additional cost.

The ultimate choice that you will make between a cheap hotel or something more expensive will depend on what you are looking to get from your trip, and the budget that you have available. There may be no need to spend more on your hotel than is necessary if you only want a basic room, but if you are happy to pay a bit more, then you can expect that you will have more amenities.

Best Beaches In The World


Many people travel for the beach when they are on vacation. The beach offers sun, surf, and a place for a person to sit back and relax. When planning a beach vacation a person is often looking for clean white sand and blue waters that they can see through. Below are some of the best beaches in the world.

Cayman Islands-Seven Mile Beach

This beach has white sand and waves that are calm. Even with the crowds the beach is clean. This beach offers a great location for those that like to snorkel. The clear water will allow a person to see a number colorful fish and the coral that grows naturally in this area. This beach is a great spot for those that want to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean.

Kauai- Po’ipu Beach

This island offers miles of beaches with both white and chocolate sand. The beach is decorated with a number of palm trees and natural beauty. This beach has crystal clean water and a stunning shoreline. This beach is a great destination for tourists that want to experience the natural beauty of the island.


This beach has water that is warm throughout the year in during the winter season. There are over 3,000 different coral reefs to explore under water for those that like scuba diving or snorkeling. The beaches have palm trees which add to the topical feel. The sand is clean and white and the ocean is blue.

Anguilla- Shoal Bay East

This beach has white sand and a laid back feel. The water is also clean and blue. This beach is a top place for those looking to sit out in the sun and enjoy the tropical feel. There is plenty of room on the beach and a person can lay back and relax in the tropics.


This beach has a board of luscious green hills and a person can even see the ancient temples in the background. This beach has that tropical feel that people desire when they take a beach vacation. The sand is white and has been unspoiled. The reefs offer plenty to see understand. There are even striking cliff where a person can watch the waves crash into. For those that want to sit and relax they can enjoy the clean ocean water.

These are just some on the top beaches in the world. They are clean ,pure, and offer everything that a person is looking when they are taking a beach vacation.

Best Places To Relax On Vacation


If you need a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life, a vacation is the way to go. But for some people, vacation days are to be used adventuring, mountain biking or hiking great mountain peaks. If you are not one of those active people, and are instead looking for a way to unwind on your hard-earned vacation days, there are plenty of options to visit, even on a tight travel budget.

Do you crave a relaxing beach side getaway? Boasting low crime and no stoplights, St. Barts might be a perfect location for a relaxing holiday. With nothing to do by laze by the ocean or go to the day spa for a day of pampering, there are aplenty of relaxing ways to wile away the day in this tropical paradise!

If isolation while being eco-friendly is more your idea of a relaxing get away, the solution may be Siwa, Egypt, at the Adrere Amellal hotel. This sustainable hotel provides all the luxuries you want to get away from it all, while not causing any detriment to the earth. The hotel does not even have electricity, and the decadent hotel rooms are lit by beeswax candles, emitting a luxurious, romantic glow.

For another of the top places to relax on vacation, if you want to include your family on your relaxing get away, check out Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. This delightful resort will provide you with the relaxing lull of a beach side get away and also provide plenty of activities for the kiddies to partake in! Beach side cabanas will mean children and parents alike can begin their day with a relaxing stroll along the water and fall asleep to the melodic rhythm of crashing waves.

Finally, if you want to spend your relaxing vacation being pampered, you can make no better selection than the Standard Hotel in Miami. With a veritable smorgasbord of spa options, this hotel will truly make the outside world and all its stresses feel like a bad dream. Let Turkish baths and mud pits relieve tight muscles and a frenzied mind with a go-at-your-own-pace spa experience.

Tips For Traveling On A Budget

Businessman holding out empty pockets

How to Get There

Cheap transportation might actually mean renting a car. If you are going to be commuting a lot while you’re away, a cheaper end rental car might be the smartest way to go for you. Bus, taxi, and subway fare can add up quickly. Renting a car might be the best option for traveling to your intended destination in the first place as air and train fare are often very expensive.

If you do fly, round trip tickets are your best option. Travel light to avoid being charged extra on the plane. Also, traveling off-season could mean cheaper airfare. At certain times of the year in certain places, more residents travel than tourists, this tends to knock the cost of airfare down greatly.

Where to Sleep

You’re on a budget, so obviously you want to think cheap when it comes to a hotel. Keep in mind that you don’t need anything fancy, just a place to lay your head when your day or touring an exciting new city comes to an end. It may be a good idea to call before booking online to find the best hotel deal and avoid any hidden costs or fees. You might mention you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Some hotel chains offer specials or discounts for these special occasions.

As booking a hotel room is an option, you might want to consider a Bed and Breakfast. B&B’s are typically cheaper than hotels. Roomer houses are also a great option. Some homeowners rent out their rooms for a super low price. I have rented rooms for as low as $35-$40 per night in some locations.

It is also a good idea to avoid travel agent services. They will generally offer only the highest-priced rooms. Calling around and doing some research on your will be beneficial and save you a great deal of money.

Where to Eat

You may want to avoid touristy restaurants in order to save money. You might actually want to avoid restaurants all together, or at least plan to only visit one or two that peak your interest while you’re there. Bring food along with you that is easy to prepare from the comfort of your room. Some ideas include canned and packaged foods like ramen noodles, soups, ravioli, and instant potatoes. You can also bring along lunch meat and bread for sandwiches.

You don’t necessarily have to pack these things, you could always visit the grocery store where you are going. Be sure to set a grocery budget and plan meals out so you avoid spending or buying too much. If you do dine out, avoid tipping too much. Know the average percentage for tipping where you’re headed.

Where to Shop

Visiting unique shops in town and hunting for the perfect souvenir is always exciting. It’s a good idea to think family-run. In mom and pop shops, you’ll experience more people who care about their customer’s than making a quick buck. Also, keep in mind there are always many alternatives to shopping. These could include things such as sightseeing, walking or hiking, visit landmarks, or visiting museums (consider a museum pass.)

Other Money Saving Tips

  • Travel with others. Traveling with friends or family is helpful because you can cut expenses in half, or thirds, or fourths, and so on.
  • Consider all of your potential needs while you’re away and plan for them. Make yourself up a small personal care package in case of emergencies. This could include things like a roll of toilet paper, a few band aids, feminine products, an extra stick of deodorant, a few snack food items, and etc.
  • Membership discounts, such as AAA. Remember to take your ID and membership cards for possible discounts.